Monday, 18 August 2008

e-MTS is now online

e-MTS, the new virtual environment for learning to support all training courses provided by Mourne Training Services, has been launched. It can be accessed via the internet on: e-MTS can be used to access all the resources and activities associated with MTS training courses. This is not limited to supporting training materials such as handouts, but also includes learning activities such as:

  • Live classrooms: where the trainer delivers the course online (referred to as ‘synchronous e-Learning’).
  • e-Learning modules and exercises: these enable review of learning, and the introduction of new topics.
  • Forums: allow communication between learners in the same class and also used to provide support from the trainer during and post training.
  • Quizzes: to test the knowledge and understanding gained from the training.

To use e-MTS learners create an account, which generates a username and password. When enrolled on a particular course, the trainer will provide a ‘key’ which enables access to their classroom (only required the first time they enter the classroom).

Demonstration classrooms are available for the currently available courses. These contain information about the course, useful resources and complimentary e-Learning modules; they are updated regularly with new materials. You can login as a guest to access these classrooms.

Visit e-MTS to see how it can enrich your learning experience.

e-MTS is run on Moodle, an open source software package.