Thursday 17 November 2016

MTS Recommends... Application of QbD and QRM to Analytical Method Validation

W. Saffell-Clemmer and J. Karty, "Application of QbD and QRM to Analytical Method Validation,"
Pharmaceutical Technology 40 (11) (November 2016).

"To further understanding of QbD concepts to analytical method development and validation, the tools suggested in the Stimuli article were combined with the guidance in ICH Q2(R1) for this case study, and applied to the validation of a stability-indicating high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for Protopam drug substance (Baxter) and Protopam chloride for injection meeting ICH Q3A(R2) and ICH Q3B(R2) standards for impurities."

Thursday 3 November 2016

HPLC Training Courses in Dublin, 6th to 9th February 2017

We are running our series of HPLC courses in Dublin in February 2017.  Aimed at all would-be HPLC users, troubleshooters and method developers. 

The courses are as follows:

How to Run HPLC Methods: Monday 6th February 2017
Ideal for anyone new to HPLC, this course will demystify all the parameters required to run a HPLC method.

How to Troubleshoot HPLC: Tuesday 7th February 2017
Will suit HPLC users who want to be able to keep their HPLC system up and running, by sorting out problems as they occur.

How to Develop HPLCMethods – Part 1: Wednesday 8th February 2017 & How to Develop HPLC Methods– Part 2: Thursday 9th February 2017
These two courses can be taken together or separately and will describe a strategy for selecting the best HPLC method conditions for your separation.

We are offering the following discounts until 9th January 2017:
€350 per person per day, 2 days for €650, 3 days for €950
or 4 days for €1250
Academic discounts and group discounts also available up to 9th January, contact us for a quote.
After 9th January all courses are charged at full price of €425 per person per day.

  • Comprehensive handouts for each course containing useful reference data.
  • Free tools to help you use HPLC efficiently.
  • A Certificate of Attendance. There is an optional post training assessment to obtain a Certificate of Training.
  • Expert Advice from the MTS trainer on your HPLC problems, both on the day of the training and after the event.