Thursday 28 August 2014

MTS Recommends... Seven Common Faux Pas in Modern HPLC

MTS Recommends... Seven Common Faux Pas in Modern HPLC
Seven Common Faux Pas in Modern HPLC
By: Michael W. Dong
LCGC Europe
Volume 27, Issue 8, pp. 415–419
Aug 1, 2014

"The seven faux pas discussed here are common practices in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) that may no longer make sense because of improved technologies or other changes in modern HPLC. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to alternative approaches.
  1. Using columns packed with 5-┬Ám particles
  2. Using 4.6-mm i.d. columns at 1 mL/min
  3. Filtering HPLC mobile phases
  4. Using buffered mobile phases
  5. Preparing fresh reference standard solutions with every assay
  6. Shaking HPLC sample vials
  7. Using stainless steel ferrules for column connections"

Wednesday 20 August 2014

MTS Recommends... Data Integrity in the Analytical Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Technology, May 2, 2014

Data integrity in the analytical laboratory is an area of increasing focus for regulators such as FDA.

Monday 11 August 2014

MTS Recommends... How Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography Works

How Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography Works

By: Mark R. Schure, Jake L. Rafferty, Ling Zhang, J. Ilja Siepmann
LCGC North America
Volume 31, Issue 8
Aug 1, 2013
How Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography Works
Described as follows by the authors:
"The keys to understanding reversed-phase liquid chromatography (LC) are provided at the molecular mechanism level as determined by high accuracy molecular simulation. The essential features of C 18 stationary-phase chains in contact with methanol–water and acetonitrile–water mixtures are discussed in the context of bonded-chain geometry, spatial distribution of alkane and alcohol solutes, retention mechanism, and retention thermodynamics. This tutorial is intended to be applicable to a wide audience ranging from occasional users of liquid chromatography to separation scientists."

MTS verdict: An interesting read for any HPLC method developer.


Monday 4 August 2014

MTS Recommends... Complying with Revised Weighing Guidelines

Complying with Revised Weighing GuidelinesPharmaceutical Technology
Volume 37, Issue 8,

"USP s revised Chapters 41 and 1251 have new requirements for weighing, including balance calibration and testing."

This is an update to a previous article in Pharmaceutical Technology on the same topic (MTS Recommends... Complying with Revised USP Chapters on Weighing, Wednesday, 26 February 2014) and contains a useful extra section, "Common questions about the USP revisions".