Monday 31 October 2011

HPLC Training in Athlone

MTS hosted three days of HPLC training last week in Athlone, Ireland. Thank you to all delegates who attended for a great event and for all the feedback on the training. Don’t forget that you can upgrade your certificate of attendance to a certificate of training by completing the online training assessment, the directions are in your course handout.

Get in touch if you have any problems with the assessment or indeed any questions which came up when you applied your new skills back at work. If you missed these courses then contact us, we plan to run some more in 2012.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Separation Science Europe 2011

Earlier this week, I presented "A Comparison of Recommended Strategies for Reversed Phase HPLC Method Development" at the Separation Science Europe 2011 Conference. The venue for the conference was the Royal institute in London. It was amazing to present at the same location as eminent scientists from the past such as Michael Faraday and Humphry Davy. The conference programme included a fascinating mix of topics relating to LC and GC applied to a wide range of analytes in the pharmaceutical, environmental and bioclinical sectors.

The highlight for me was a presentation from Ron Majors about ‘Just Enough’ sample preparation where Ron described how analysis by LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS has enabled the use of simplified sample preparation procedures. Four examples were presented: Protein precipitation in blood plasma; QuEChERS for pesticide residues; Dried Blood (Matrix) Spotting; and Pharmaceutical pollutants in river water with almost no sample preparation. The potential of reducing both time and error by reducing sample preparation is very appealing.