Monday 1 December 2014

iLearn, the e-Learning HPLC Course from MTS

iLearn, the e-Learning HPLC Course from MTS
Introduces the information required to understand the technique of HPLC and how it is applied to pharmaceuticals. Includes a discussion of: the different types of HPLC; types of stationary phases used to pack HPLC columns; the solvents and additives used in HPLC mobile phases; and the instrumentation used for HPLC analysis.

Suitable for:
This HPLC training course is aimed at beginners, but will also be useful for those with limited experience who wish to gain a better understanding of the technique.

This is an on demand open enrolment training course and is delivered online by e-Learning through e-MTS using a combination of videos, exercises and an assessment. The content is equivalent to 1 full day of training. All the training materials are available for 1 month and the learner decides when to watch the videos and complete the exercises and assessment.

iLearn, the e-Learning HPLC Course from MTS£125 + VAT per person. Includes: access to all the training materials through e-MTS; tutor feedback on exercises via email; a certificate of training on completion of the assessment; and a copy of the MTS training book, An Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis.
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