Monday 30 March 2009

Free Stuff from MTS

All scientific fields use a range of acronyms to refer to their technologies, organisations and common terms. The field of pharmaceutical analysis is no exception. This free poster sums up some of the most common abbreviations encountered when using HPLC to analyse pharmaceuticals. It will help you to understand conversations in a world where people routinely talk using letters instead of words.

To print the poster, just click on the picture on the right. You may need to select an option such as ‘Fit to printable area’ if your printer does not print to the edge of the page. Although the copyright for this poster is retained by Mourne Training Services, permission is granted for you to print off copies as required for non-commercial use.

Any glaring omissions?
Please feel free to leave suggestions for other acronyms/abbreviations which should be included in the list using the comments function at the end of this post.

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