Wednesday 6 May 2009

Free HPLC calculator from Thermo


You can find numerous useful resources for pharmaceutical analysis on the internet which don’t cost anything. Suppliers and manufacturers of analytical equipment and instrumentation need to position themselves as experts so that they can gain your trust in their products. They do this by providing a range of useful resources relating to their product area; often these resources are available online.

An example of a useful resource for HPLC is the method development calculator from Thermo, available at:

This calculator allows you to transfer a HPLC method to a different set of column dimensions. You enter the current method conditions in the left hand column and the new column dimensions in the right hand column. Then the calculator will work out the required flow rate, injection volume, predicted system pressure, gradient conditions and suggested equilibration time. You can also specify a flow rate and get adjusted values for the parameters listed above. There are two calculators, one for gradient and one for isocratic methods. The application is aimed at transferring standard HPLC methods to ultra high pressure conditions but the calculations hold for whatever transfer you require.

I like this calculator because it is well laid out and easy to use. I also like the fact that an explanation of all the equations used is provided. I think that this could be a useful tool to save time in your HPLC method development.

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