Tuesday 12 October 2010

MTS Recommends... Quantitative Open-Access HPLC

'Quantitative open-access HPLC analysis: a new calibration approach' by Phil Borman, John Roberts, Barbara O’Reilly, Robin Attrill, Ian Barylski & Keith Freebairn, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, October 2010

This article describes a calibration technique used by GSK which enables the estimation of yields in solutions and the assay of isolated solids, so that synthetic chemists can use open access instruments for these analyses. The response factors for a specially selected external standard and that of the analyte are used in the calculation. This will be a useful read for labs using open access instruments.

1 comment:

  1. This approach is also useful for labs without open access instruments. We got our engineers following similar protocols to those described in this article and it's cutting the time it takes to perform the sample preparation by at least half. Also, we are not so much interested in the absolute assay but instead relative concentrations of solutions so we know, for example when we have reached saturation point. This is a neat approach.