Thursday 22 September 2011

Separation Science Europe 2011

I will be presenting "A Comparison of Recommended Strategies for Reversed Phase HPLC Method Development" at the Separation Science Europe 2011 Conference, on the 10th October.

The benefits of using a strategic approach for developing HPLC methods are easily apparent. The numerous possible chromatographic parameters in a typical HPLC method make choosing the most suitable ones for a particular separation very daunting. In particular, how to select one column from the hundreds available? There are a number of different strategies which can be applied, these include: trial and error, changing one variable at a time; finding a method in the literature or finding a method in the literature for a similar compound; and sophisticated column screening experiments combined with computer modelling, peak tracking methods, experimental design and column comparison tools. In this presentation, current recommended method development strategies are reviewed and compared to give delegates an appreciation of the types of strategies which may be applied, so that they can identify the one which is most applicable for their method development needs.

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