Friday 10 January 2014

20% Discount on All Bookings by LinkedIn Followers!

20% Discount on Training Course Bookings until 14th Febnruary 2014
MTS have a very special offer for you: Any bookings made on or before 14th February 2014 (St. Valentine's day) will be eligible for a 20% discount, provided you are a LinkedIn follower of MTS.

The offer is in addition to existing offers such as early booking discount, group bookings, and multiple course bookings.

All you have to do is click below to follow MTS in LinkedIn.

(Note: you will need to have set up an account in LinkedIn to become a follower.)

Then choose which course or courses you would like to attend. Visit the MTS website for a full list of available courses and dates, or click here for the 2014 calendar. Topics include: Analytical method validation and transfer; stability indicating method development; and basic, intermediate and advanced HPLC.

The offer also applies to our training books:
Validation of Analytical Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis, and
Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis.


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