Tuesday 11 November 2014

Pharmaceutical Analysis Training Delivered at your site by Mourne Training Services

Pharmaceutical Analysis Training Delivered at your site by Mourne Training Services
On-site training courses are ideal when training is required for a group of learners. Significant savings may be made when compared to open enrolment training. Additionally, there are no expenses associated with travel or accommodation.Courses can be customised to include hands-on sessions using the laboratory equipment that the learners will operate after the training. All that is needed is a quiet room of a size suitable for the number of learners being trained, and access to any appropriate laboratory equipment.

The courses detailed on the MTS Course List are all available as on-site training. This includes:

Validation and Transfer of Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis
How to Develop Stability Indicating HPLC Methods
How to Run HPLC Methods
How to Troubleshoot HPLC
How to Develop HPLC Methods - Part 1
How to Develop HPLC Methods - Part 2 

These may be customised and combined as required to provide a bespoke training programme which is both relevant and effective. We also offer a range of consultancy services related to training.

Attendees on all MTS courses are encouraged to bring along examples of problems, challenges etc. which may be relevant for discussion during the training. The MTS trainer is happy to enter into a confidentiality agreement should this be required. Consideration of real examples which have relevance to the learners will aid understanding and retention of information.

Contact us to discuss your in house training requirements and we will prepare a competitive quotation based on your specific needs.


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